Vaccines & the Totalitarian Principle

Vaccines & the Totalitarian Principle

Dr. Jeffrey Singer is no “anti-vaxxer.” The Arizona-based surgeon and senior fellow at the Cato Institute has written and spoken clearly about his belief that the COVID vaccines are safe and effective, and that those who get vaccinated can return to normal activities like flying, indoor dining and visiting friends and family.

However, Singer also opposes mandatory vaccination from both a strategic and moral standpoint. When the government has to use force to induce compliance, the argument has already been lost. Skeptics, Singer points out, will be less trusting of the safety if they are forced to get the jab.In quantum mechanics, the Totalitarian Principle states that "everything that is not forbidden is compulsory." The government's botched rollout of the vaccine seems to be following a similar pattern. Millions of potentially live-saving AstraZeneca vaccines remain held up in a warehouse in Ohio due to regulatory hurdles, while at the same time politicians like New York's Governor Cuomo are pushing a kind of of mandatory vaccination with "health passports."

Making matters worse, Dr. Jeffrey Singer points out that the messaging from people like Dr. Fauci has been subpar at best. Rather than communicating that the vaccines are safe and effective, and that those who receive them can return to normal life, Fauci and others continue to lecture that little will change with the vaccine. He seems to be saying, “Keep masking. No hugging. No going out to eat. Just keep following the rules, even if it means an endless lockdown and ratcheting up of government's permanent authority.”

What kind of message does this send to those who already have “vaccine hesitancy”? Where's the incentive to take the risk?

Dr. Singer joined the show to clear up this confusing messaging and discuss the actual risks/reward ratio of the vaccines, as well as the all-important consideration of the freedom to make a decision for yourself.