What Kamala Harris Hopes We Will Forget

Reason Magazine provides a public service by reminding us what Kamala Harris would have us forget: Until her recent about-face, Harris was a hardcore drug warrior and draconian prosecutor.

Her record as a prosecutor isn’t the only thing Harris has to explain heading into the general election. With Joe Biden’s health in question, she has quickly become the most important Vice Presidential nominee in recent memory – yet little has been said about her early career in the Bay Area as a District Attorney and rising star in the Democratic Party.

This Sunday, I’m joined by former San Francisco Supervisor and Judge Quentin Kopp – an elder statesman and fiercely independent veteran of California politics – to discuss his eye-opening article on a little-known story of corruption from Harris’s early days as SF District Attorney. From earning multiple salaries for cushy political appointments, to denying knowledge of a hush-money settlement paid to a top aide over sexual harassment allegations, the Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful has quite a bit of explaining to do.

Kopp, who recently resigned from the San Francisco Ethics Commission (calling it a waste of taxpayer dollars), has also became the chief critic of the High Speed Rail effort he led back in 2008. As it stands, he says the project has watered down the original vision too much, while the price tag has exploded.

We’ll discuss his new effort to found a third party in California for Independents under the banner of “Common Sense” to bring about the change that a majority of Californians want, but which neither party seems capable of delivering.

Don’t miss the live conversation, this Sunday (9/6, 8-9am PACIFIC), and call in with your questions for Quentin about Harris, High Speed Rail, or whatever else is on your mind.

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."