Dr. Jeff Singer on the Dangers of Opiophobia

Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer – aka the “Doctor For Liberty” – recently wrote a piece for Cato @ Liberty in which he challenged the mainstream media narrative about the abuse of prescription pain pills. The Trump administration is cracking down on doctors and requiring them to jump through hoops in order to give their patients necessary medication. The War on Drugs remains what it has always been – a war on people. So much unnecessary pain will be caused in the name of staunching the opioid epidemic, which turns out not to be an opioid epidemic after all. The substances change (today, for example, we have the highly dangerous and addictive Fentanyl being illegally smuggled from Chinese factories) but the game stays the same. Prohibition policies hurt the very people they are supposed to help, and experienced professionals (i.e., doctors) are prevented from using their best judgment. Singer says we don’t need more funding for the epidemic, we need more rationality and calm assessment of the data, which suggests that restricting supply of prescription opioids is pushing people to black markets and creating more addicts, not fewer. Instead of facts, we get hysteria. Dr. Singer returns to the show to discuss America’s longest war for the full hour with Bob.