Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer on Electronic Health Records

Dr. Jeffrey Singer
Show Date
April 12, 2015
Government Health Insurance
Cato Institute
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Guest: Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer

One of the most controversial features of ObamaCare is “the individual mandate,” which requires the uninsured to obtain coverage. But there was another health care mandate buried in the 2009 stimulus act that should not be overlooked – this one for doctors. Starting this year, doctors who don’t adopt the federal government’s standardized electronic health records (EHR) system will be fined – and that fine will increase every year for the next decade. While modernizing records may seem like an important step toward reducing health care costs, people like Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer are paying the fine and ignoring the mandate. Don’t worry, technophiles – Dr. Singer is all in favor of going digital when physicians contract with private firms to build systems to match their personal practices. Dr. Singer, a general surgeon and adjunct scholar at The Cato Institute, joins Bob to discuss how the record-keeping mandate translates into longer wait times, less face time for patients with doctors, and an all-around less responsive and less humane health care system.