Secret Sauce: The Founders Original Recipe for Limited American Democracy

Secret Sauce: The Founders Original Recipe for Limited American Democracy

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Is there such a thing as too much democracy? The Founders thought so.

Secret Sauce* combines the best interviews from The Bob Zadek Show – California's longest running libertarian talk show – into a single treatise arguing for a return to constitutional principles. No single person could write a definitive account of America's founding period, much less apply its lessons coherently to the present political situation. However, when seven top scholars are interviewed on their respective specialties in the legal, political and economic history of the United States, the result is a simple and zesty recipe for renewed American democracy. The Bob Zadek Show has featured discussions with hundreds of thinkers on the ideas underpinning a free society. *Secret Sauce: The Founders' Original Recipe for Limited American Democracy* features edited, condensed transcripts of the best of the best of Bob's interviews – presenting libertarian principles in their original context of the American Revolution, and documenting how we've drifted from the vision of limited government and maximum personal freedom. In less than 150 pages, *Secret Sauce* moves from the squabbles and compromises that almost tanked the early Republic to modern ideas for safeguards against all-powerful Federal Government.

We all sense that the great American experiment in democracy has turned sour, but no one can pinpoint the source of our ills. Trump supporters with "Make America Great Again" hats demonize the free trade and liberal immigration policies that have been at the bedrock of America's greatness for more than two centuries, while "the Resistance" marches for expansions of Federal power that would make the Founders' heads spin. If the cognitive dissonance hasn't gotten to you yet, try spending more time reading the comments on your friends' political Facebook posts. We are a nation divided, in search of a shared story that unites our country's complex, imperfect origins with our continued aspirations for "a more perfect union."

In the popular mythology, one sacrosanct idea remains hallowed above all others – democracy. What gets lost in this narrative are the Founders' deep divisions and wariness of pure democracy. Hence their decision to form a constitutional republic, with multiple checks and balances on all kinds of tyranny. *Secret Sauce* shows how democracy can prevent the accumulation of power in the hands of few, or enable it. Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as too much democracy. Find out what this means for America in 2017 and beyond.


  • Donald J. Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek
  • Thomas Fleming, author of over 50 fiction and non-fiction history titles
  • William Maurer & Clark Neily III of the Institute for Justice
  • Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute
  • Ilya Somin & Todd Zywicki of George Mason University's economics department and law school