Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop



So far the Iowa Caucus Disaster has been compared to…

  • A carcass
  • A dumpster fire, and my personal favorite
  • A water-damaged phone whose owner is trying to reboot it with the questionable rice hack.

Thankfully, this one hasn’t been blamed on the Russians. But there’s a growing anxiety that our democracy has deep problems.

Forget the Iowa Caucus – could the real problem be two-party democracy? Is it time break the duopoly, or as my next guest, Lee Drutman, calls it, the "Two-Party Doom Loop”?

A healthier system might grant far-left voters some representation without forcing the Democratic Party to sacrifice Bernie Sanders – one of their most popular figure-heads – on the altar of winner-takes-all electability.

Drutman notes that whatever the reason for Tuesday’s chaos, it has come at a bad time for American democracy. We are living in one of the most polarized political environments in our history. In his new book,Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop: The Case for Multiparty Democracy in America, Drutman traces our evolution from what was basically a multi-party system (including conservative southern Democrats and liberal coastal Republicans) to a true two party system.

This has made compromise nearly impossible and raised the stakes of our elections.

Lee, a senior Fellow, Political Reform Program at the New America Foundation and writer for Vox, FiveThirtyEight, and the New York Times, joined me live to discuss the way out of the vicious cycle of polarization we’re in.

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