Censorship on Craigslist

Ryan Radia
Show Date
September 13, 2010
Innovation Monopolies
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Guest: Ryan Radia

This Sunday, Bob will discuss censorship of adult services on craigslist with Ryan Radia, associate director of technology studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. After state attorneys general and anti prostitution groups pressured the company to shut down the adult services section, Craigslist voluntarily agreed to go along with it and it is estimated that the company will lose 36 million dollars in revenue this year as a result. But the prostitution and escort ads will not go away, they will just migrate elsewhere on the web. What if prostitution were legalized and regulated taking away the monopoly criminals enjoy? All this has done is masque one of the symptoms of a broad based problem without fixing anything at all. There’s a reason it’s called “the oldest profession in the world” after all.