Dark Devices: Hazard or Haven?

Jeremy Gillula
Show Date
November 9, 2014
Civil Liberties Innovation
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Guest: Jeremy Gillula


Once again, the media is buzzing over Apple's latest product – the iPhone 6. One feature that has customers lining up is the new default “full encryption,” which locks the phone so thieves and hackers cannot get in. In fact, the phones are so secure that even Apple can’t access customers’ stored data when law enforcement presents a warrant. This has caused concern in government, with FBI Director James Comey recently calling for a “national conversation” on the dangers of these dark devices. Comey wants Apple and other companies to build tools into their technologies that would grant the FBI access to data, even though this would compromise the devices’ overall security. This show's guest is Jeremy Gillula, Staff Technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Gillula and his colleagues at EFF are responding to Comey’s call by informing lawmakers and citizens about the constitutional and technical issues at play. While Comey has admitted to a poor understanding of the underlying technology, Gillula is knowledgeable about both cryptography and civil liberties. He breaks down Comey's arguments, and explains where the real threats to our security lie.