Do Libertarians Have A Horse in This Race?

Mark Hinkle
Show Date
November 6, 2011
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Guest: Mark Hinkle

As the true nature of the Republican Presidential contenders begins to appear, Libertarians are wondering if there is any candidate they can embrace. If there are more than one who’d qualify, who should they support and why? How does each candidate’s platform look through a Libertarian filter? Even more intriguing is the prospect of Ron Paul or Gary Johnson running as a third-party candidate on a Libertarian Party slate. Will that throw the election to Obama or give Libertarians a voice we’ve never had before? Who better to discuss these key issues with Bob than Mark Hinkle, Chair of the Libertarian Party? In this episode, Mark joins Bob live in the studio to discuss the 2012 presidential election from a purely Libertarian point of view. Important election. Important topic. Important show. Bob and Mark. Don’t miss it.