Educational Choices, Not School Choices

Katherine Mangu-Ward
Show Date
June 24, 2014
Education Free Markets
Reason Magazine
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Guest: Katherine Mangu-Ward

For the past several decades, a dominant educational issue has been the choice between public, private and charter schools. Parents have also had to evaluate and determine which school districts are the best. But that was the past. Today, they are offered all of those choices plus the option of home-school teaching assisted by computers. This does not mean teaching kids how to use a computer, but rather using a computer as the teacher. The choices are more vast than ever and they give parents the freedom to control how their kids are taught. Next step, bringing market discipline to a college education so students will be able to pay college tuition based on the market value of the knowledge purchased, not the artificially high prices created by the duel influences of government price supports. No one, and I mean no one, knows this better than Katherine Mangu-Ward, joins Bob in this episode. Katherine is a Yale graduate and a managing editor of Reason magazine (Bob’s favorite) who formerly worked as a reporter for the Weekly Standard and as a NY Times researcher. Bob also discusses the alphabet soup of totalitarianism – the IRS, NSA, and FISA courts. So much to cover, so little time. So very important. Don’t miss tomorrow’s show.