Erwan LeCorre on Free Movement in Nature

Erwan LeCorre
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January 20, 2019
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Read the textbook for reclaiming freedom of movement
Read the textbook for reclaiming freedom of movementThe Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom

Erwan LeCorre, founder of the MovNat system, spent his childhood exploring the French countryside –sprinting through the woods, climbing trees, and jumping across creeks. In young adulthood he scaled walls and practiced free running (aka “parkour”) on the streets of Paris. Today he leads an international movement of natural movers reclaiming the techniques our ancestors used to survive in a much wilder world. MovNat is short for “natural movement” or “movement in nature” – a system of physical fitness designed to free people from the grind of modern sedentary life.

We are trained to think that freedom is mostly about what the government or other people tell us we can and cannot do, yet there is a large sphere of human action in which no one can dictate to us. Freedom of movement goes beyond simply being able to chose which state or country you travel to. It also depends on being able to actually navigate the world, with all of its complex terrain and seeming obstacle courses.

The modern medical establishment tends to prescribe patients a regimen of boring, repetitive exercise at the gym – fitting for obedient subjects to a state-run healthcare system. But whereas an exercise machine dictates exactly how you can and cannot move, the techniques explained in Erwan’s new book, The Practice of Natural Movement, can be done almost anywhere and modified to suit to the practical needs and constraints of the practitioner. Natural movement replaces artificial movement and leads those who practice it to become strong in ways that are useful in variety of real-world situations.

This show’s producer Charlie Deist spoke with Erwan about his new book and the problem of our self-imposed domestication. They discuss what it means to be a “zoo human,” and explore ways that people can incorporate natural movement into their own life. Listen now, and make 2019 the year you reclaim your health and freedom of movement.