Founding the Free Republic of Liberland

Founding the Free Republic of Liberland

Vit Jedlicka
Show Date
September 26, 2021
Charter CitiesThomas Jefferson
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There will always be America.

It just might not be in America.

Hong Kong, Singapore, and even Madagascar are candidates for future beacons of freedom to the world, as most of Europe and the United States have forgotten the heritage of the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, and enlightenment tradition of freedom. One dark horse candidate for the next "America" is the Free Republic of Liberland – a new country project that has claimed a small strip of land between Serbia and Croatia, which neither country claims as its own. Croatia swears it belongs to Serbia, but Serbia begs to differ. Vit Jedlicka says they are both right – or is that neither? As President of Liberland, Vit has gathered a small country's worth of volunteers, citizen applicants, and supporters around the world, who could soon populate the world's newest country as freedom-seeking pioneers.

Vit returned to update us on Liberland's progress, and explain how this international movement is leveraging new technologies like cryptocurrency and the blockchain to build something of an America 2.0 – complete with a stable currency, clearly defined property rights, and an innovative Constitution for holding the future leaders of Liberland accountable.

"What is Liberland?" appeared as the correct question in a Jeopardy competition, showing that its fame is spreading. Now they just need recognition from five countries and they will themselves be eligible for UN membership and other perks of statehood.


Founding the Free Republic of Liberland