George Washington's Providence

Raymond Lorber
Show Date
December 24, 2013
American History Constitution Founders George Washington
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Guest: Raymond Lorber

In America we seem unable to resolve the proper Constitutional relationship between religion and our political life. We think we know what the founders intended: “separation of church and state,” “a wall of separation,” the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause. But this issue is far from resolved. Reagan did not attend church enough for some Americans, Romney’s Mormonism was an issue, and some take issue with Obama and Reverend Wright. Raymond Lorber’s first book, “George Washington’s Providence,” explores the unique relationship between Washington’s belief that his God would protect him and his military and political triumphs in a style that is both scholarly and accessible. Ray’s book gives us access to Washington’s many letters and other writings that offer us an understanding of Washington where most other writings fail. Most of us have wondered what qualities separated our founders from those who followed them. This book provides the answer, at least insofar as Washington is concerned.