Growing the Freedom Movement with Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips

An unknown sage once quipped, “There may be two libertarians in the world who agree on absolutely everything, but I am not one of them.” This condition of free-thinking individualism applies to much – if not all – of the freedom movement. How then can a movement based on the ideas of liberty be nurtured in a world that is divided not only by language barriers and artificial borders, but ideological and cultural distinctions as well? Enter Atlas Network, which coordinates and promotes outstanding work from 470 think tanks across 90 countries. Brad Lips is CEO of Atlas Network, making him responsible for overseeing this vast web of individuals, major think tanks, and regional organizations – each with their own needs, aims, and solutions. Atlas Network strives to help its members achieve growth and impact in the marketplace for ideas, where there are no prices to guide decisions. Brad joins Bob to talk about how he applies a private-sector mindset to managing a network of independent nonprofits. Even the most ardent individualist will learn something from his approach to enlisting partners in the cause.