Have You Hugged Your Banker Lately?

Tom McGraw
Show Date
November 13, 2011
Crony Capitalism Free Markets
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Guest: Tom McGraw


Bankers have been getting lots of bad press lately. Everyone seems to have an opinion about what is wrong with their practices. Occupiers want them shut down. Senator Durbin wants you to stop doing business with them. Dodd-Frank transfers their profits to oppressed retailers like Walmart and Target Stores. Liz Warren wants to regulate them into oblivion. Tea Partiers resent their access to Congress. Despite all this, Bob will channel the great NYC detective Kojak, and ask the bankers of America β€œWho loves ya, baby?” In this episode, Tom McGraw, hard working CEO of the First National Bank of Northern California, joins Bob in the studio to discuss a bank’s role in a free market society and the strained relationships between bankers, their customers and government.