How Could The Founders Have Gotten This So Wrong?

Robert Yates
Show Date
November 27, 2011
Constitution Founders Supreme Court
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Guest: Robert Yates

Alexander Hamilton described the federal judicial system as “the weakest of the three branches of government.” However, the unelected nine Supreme Court justices have “legislated” hundreds of overwhelmingly powerful laws. To name a few, they have granted abortion rights, eminent domain and mandatory minimum wage. Even the worst of our federal judges hold their jobs for life. They can be appointed in a rigged process unrelated to merit and despite incompetence, laziness or some other collection of human frailty, they will never be removed. This Sunday at noon, Bob will explore the worst and yet the most powerful branch of government – the judiciary. Join Bob and meet Robert Yates, the Founder you’ve never heard of, yet one who opposed the Constitution and understood what most of the other Founders did not. The good news is that Bob has a cure for the judiciary’s shortcomings. The solution is one which the Founders would embrace, the politicians will love and bad judges will fear. It took 230+ years, but Americans will get a fair shake in court. Don’t miss this show.