*If You Can Keep It* with Robin Koerner

This show strives to be an oasis in a media desert of gossip, clickbait, and misinformation. The message from this show's guest is especially helpful for navigating this bleak landscape when you don’t have Bob and his guests to break down the issues. It's rare to find a thinker as well-versed in both the lessons of history and techniques of persuasion as Robin Koerner. A Cambridge-educated native of the UK, Koerner has managed to make a successful career as an observer and activist in American politics. Even more remarkably, he has carved a niche for classical liberal ideas on the pages of the Huffington Post. Most remarkably of all, Koerner recently cleared our nation’s many immigration hurdles to formally join the world’s largest experiment in freedom as a U.S. citizen. But lately, Koerner notes, this experiment isn’t going so well. His new book, If You Can Keep It, answers why few people make the right diagnosis of the sickly politics that keep eroding our liberties. By revealing what’s missing from partisan debates, Koerner teaches us how to persuade (almost) anyone why it’s liberty that they really want – not the various “isms” that always get the most votes. After hearing his outsider’s perspective, you won’t be able to see American politics in the same light.


If You Can Keep It (Book Website)

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Blue Republican (Founded by Koerner)