Is this the Year of the Libertarian?

Guest: Mark Hinkle

There was a time when most Americans thought that a Libertarian was “one devoid of moral restraints (i.e. a libertine).” Some still do. However, as pointed out by Welsh and Gillespie in “The Declaration of Independents,” Libertarians are the fastest growing segment of the American political scene. If Gary Johnson runs as the Libertarian candidate for President, is a vote for him “wasted” or is it more important for Libertarians vote our principles? Is Paul more deserving of our vote in the GOP primary or should Romney get it since he is perceived as better able to defeat Obama? How “Libertarian” is Romney? What about Santorum? In this episode, Bob is honored to discuss these issues with Mark Hinkle, Chair of the Libertarian Party. The future of personal freedom in America is at stake.