Is Your Alma Mater a Soviet Gulag?

Harvey Silverglate
Show Date
September 18, 2011
Constitution Education Thomas Jefferson
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Guest: Harvey Silverglate

Thomas Jefferson valued higher education; perhaps more than any other Founding Father. He envisioned a University system where students and faculty would explore ideas in a bastion of free expression. That did not turn out to be the case. Our colleges censor speech and have become citadels of political correctness. Saying something which offends another student or speaking an unpopular thought will get you thrown out. Disagreeing with your professor is likely to earn you an “F.” Think I’ve overstated the case? Harvey Silverglate, Co-founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education joins Bob to talk about the the ugly truth of “higher” education. The good news is that at the end of our show you’ll feel justified to stop payment on your alumni contributions. Let’s reclaim our colleges and remove the shackles on free speech which they impose.