Libertarianism vs. Center Right: Common Ground and Fault Lines

Washington’s dysfunction is reaching epic new proportions in Congress's current repeal-and-replace debate. Last week, Will Wilkinson noted the GOP’s dilemma of wanting to use small government rhetoric while still pandering to their constituents and their favored welfare programs. Is there a solution that balances sensible, limited government principles with popular support? Joyce Cordi believes there is, and that the answer to this and many intractable political problems lies in friendly bi-partisan engagement and sensible centrist reforms with a conservative bent. Joyce hosts the “Reimagine America” radio program – a virtual town hall on 860 AM, the Answer, and brings an extensive business background to bear on the major issues dividing the American body politic. She likens government to a big, clunky business in need of better, leaner management, and a clearer vision of 21st century governance. She joins Bob to debate why health care reform is stalled, and what it would take to avert the looming disaster of ObamaCare’s insurance cost death spiral. She argues that the new health insurance entitlement is here to stay, but that government need not control every aspect of the healthcare industry. Catch Joyce Cordi every Saturday from 12-1pm, hosting her show – Reimagine America – on 860 AM, The Answer, and don’t miss this special episode of the show of ideas, not attitude.