Lisa Snell on School Choice Experiments

Last month, Senate Democrats fell a single vote short of blocking the nomination of Betsy Devos to head the Department of Education. This revealed not only an unwise expenditure of political capital, but also the undue influence of teacher unions over the Party apparatus. While seemingly more controversial picks like Attorney General Jeff Sessions or Secretary of State Rex Tillerson glided through their hearings, it was Devos who became “Public Enemy #1.” Some perceive her support of educational choice as heralding a demotion of public schools and the unions that uphold their sacred status. Others argue that Devos is unqualified for a top government office, to which libertarians have been quick to suggest a clever alternative: why not shut down the Department of Education altogether? Lisa Snell, director of education and child welfare for Reason Foundation, joins the show to give an update on state-based experiments in educational choice. Bob will also discuss the surprisingly bipartisan argument for ending the $70 billion a year behemoth. Do you or a loved one have children trapped in government schools, with nowhere else to turn?