Living with Water Scarcity - David Zetland on the Drought

Guest: David Zetland


The latest headlines out of California paint a picture of an all-out war against the drought. Ordinary citizens are taking to social media to shame their neighbors for watering their lawns. Governments are issuing steep fines for wasting water (however that’s defined). And now Governor Brown is calling for $7.5 billion in spending to tackle the problem of water shortages. But is all of this really necessary? Bob tries to sort this issue out with an expert who has spent years studying both economics and water scarcity in the Western United States. David Zetland of Leiden University College in Amsterdam says scarcity doesn’t need to disrupt our lives if we manage the water supply properly, and allow higher prices to signal the need to conserve in times like these. From this show, you will learn how the current crisis came to be, and how markets can help us all get along peacefully – living with water scarcity.