Manny Klausner - A Libertarian Life

Manny Klausner
Show Date
July 2, 2012
Institute for Justice Libertarian Supreme Court
Reason Magazine
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Guest: Manny Klausner

Manny Klausner has lived the ultimate Libertarian life. He co-founded Reason Magazine, was a Co-Founding Director of the Institute for Justice and acts as General Counsel to the Individual Rights Foundation. From studying with Mises to spending time in Chicago and California with Milton Friedman, he’s walked the walk and talked the talk. In this episode, Manny appeared as our guest on the show to discuss SCOTUS’ handing down the “Obamacare decision,” or the single greatest threat to our liberty that has ever been judicially created. Manny and Bob cover the Constitutional backdrop to the decision: what it means to our liberty and why. To paraphrase Jefferson in his first inaugural address, “we are all Libertarians.” Discuss the decision that changed the Constitution with Bob and Manny Klausner.