Michael O'Hanlon on *The Future of Land Warfare*

Guest: Michael O'Hanlon

. Obama’s new strategy – a reversal of prior assurances – came in response to the civil war in Syria, which has ignited conflict in the entire region. Michael O’Hanlon, Director of Foreign Policy Research at the Brookings Institution, joins Bob to explain recent events, including Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet, and his new book, *

  • O'Hanlon argues that the current crisis in the Middle East can be resolved, but it will take more than drone strikes and training Syrian ground forces. Experts seem to agree the U.S. military is facing many bad options.

The question is:

should we really be intervening when the dust on the Iraq War is still settling?  Make up your own mind, and call in with your questions, this Sunday, on Talk 910 AM.

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