Norm Singleton on Rand Paul, the Senator

Guest: Norm Singleton

Rand Paul has followed in his father Ron Paul's footsteps in more ways than one. The Kentucky Senator’s presidential campaign began soon after the elder Paul's aspirations faded. Rand remains a champion of his father's core issues – sound money, a balanced budget, and limited government interference with individual liberties. His critics contend that a recent filibuster over the endlessly expanding debt ceiling was "grandstanding," but his supporters will tell you that his legislative principles are the main reason they #StandwithRand. Campaign for Liberty's Norm Singleton worked closely with Ron Paul from 1997-2012, and is one of the most prolific commentators and keenest observers of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He joins Bob live for the full hour to talk about the latest battles in the Senate, specifically, the grassroots movement to Audit the Fedand why so many in the media and politics just don’t get it.