Planes, Trains, Automobiles AND Free Markets

Shirley Ybarra
Show Date
August 21, 2011
Reason Magazine
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Guest: Shirley Ybarra

Even Mussolini made the trains run on time but our democratically elected government can’t seem to get it right. America’s transportation system is the unfortunate result of central planning gone awry. Our ineffective transportation cries out for a free market solution. We need more private toll roads, private bus systems and privately run air-traffic control. Remember the days when driving was fun and cruising the strip was a pleasurable pastime? Movement in America should be fun and cost effective. The Libertarian way. Join Bob and Reason Magazine’s Shirley Ybarra in this episode. They’ll get you from point A to point B; the freedom way, not the freeway. Find out more on Sunday at noon Pacific Time on Talk 910-Fox News Radio.