Please, Mr. Fed. Let Me Earn a Living

Dr. Michael Stroup
Show Date
December 4, 2011
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Guest: Dr. Michael Stroup

As Ayn Rand has observed, “Capitalism is the system of the future – if man is to have a future.” The lifeblood of capitalism is economic freedom which includes property rights, the freedom of adults to contract with one another, minimal government regulation and freedom to fail. The ranking of the U.S. among the nations of the world on its level of economic freedom continues to drop. How does this affect Joe Sixpack, or even Charlie Chardonnay? In this episode, Bob speaks to Dr. Michael Stroup, economics professor at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. He has spent his life studying economic freedom. His conclusions will surprise and frighten you. Are we all driving a government-financed Chevy Volts down Hayek’s the Road to Serfdom? Maybe. You won’t want to miss this show.