Property Rights vs. Diversity of People and Species; Can These Concepts Coexist?

Guest: Art Agnos

Bob is joined by former San Francisco mayor Art Agnos. Mayor Agnos is a progressive to the core, and a sincere advocate for the middle class. He makes a passionate case for rent control, and subsidized, affordable housing for lower and middle-class residents of urban areas (especially, of course, San Francisco). Mayor Agnos truly speaks from the heart, as well as the mind, making it difficult for Bob to rebut his distinctly non-libertarian views, although he tries. Of particular interest is Mayor Agnos’ successful battle against the Golden State Warriors’ attempted land grab on the San Francisco waterfront. You’ll learn how professional sports franchises often function as little more than mall developers in disguise.

In the last half hour Bob addresses the issue of endangered species with investigative reporter Tawanda Kanhema of the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Kanhema has been documenting the fight to save the black rhinoceros – including efforts to crack down on ivory sales – on Bob examines whether the free markets have a role to play in bringing endangered species back from the brink.

It’s 90 minutes of Bob and the progressives!