Rebranding Liberty with 'Live and Let Live'

Marc J. Victor
Show Date
August 8, 2021

A Gallup study collecting polls over the last 13 years estimates that 17 to 23% of Americans identify as libertarian. One-fifth of the population is not bad, but even that never seems to translate into meaningful progress at the ballot box. Furthermore, the idea of a "libertarian politician" still seems like an oxymoron.

Marc J. Victor is an attorney who has fought for his clients' freedoms for decades, and is now turning his attention to a broader goal of building a global peace movement under the mantra of "Live and Let Live." His ideas are fundamentally libertarian, but the Live and Let Live Movement differs from the Libertarian Party in several key ways.

First, it is global—not national.

Second, it presents libertarian ideas in a way that should be agreeable to any reasonable person of principles. Rather than focusing on the arcane details of why the non-aggression principle passes moral and philosophical muster, Victor would prefer to let the principle speak for itself: just don't hurt people, and don't take their stuff. It's what we all learned in Kindergarten, although the majority of people could use a friendly reminder.

What better substitute for the often-confusing "NAP" (non-aggression principle) than the "3LP" – the Live and Let Live Principle? Victor joined the show to talk about this urgently needed rebranding of liberty, and how the ideas of Live and Let Live are taking hold in small communities across the world.



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