Rent Control

Ken Carlson
Show Date
December 14, 2009
Local GovernmentRegulationFree Markets
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Guest: Ken Carlson

It’s back in the news. A policy that’s seventy years old, robs from the rich to give to the poor ….. AND the rich! Sounds confusing? It is!

It’s supported by the middle class but they don’t even benefit. What is it? Rent control. A “temporary fix” for a problem that hasn’t existed for over 7 decades. Why do 92% of all economists consider it seriously flawed? Why do citizens in San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Monica and New York support it? Bob takes a fresh look at the issue from a Libertarian perspective. Explaining and defending rent control is expert Ken Carlson (, a long-time tenants rights attorney and advocate. If you’re a tenant, a landlord or a free-marketeer, you won’t want to miss this show.