Repeal the 17th Amendment?

Guest: Todd Zywicki

It could be argued that almost all of the Amendments (excluding the Bills of Rights and the Civil War Amendments) have damaged the Constitution but the two Amendments that had an especially negative impact were the 16th (income tax) and the 17th (direct election of Senators). Everyone knows about the income tax problem, yet not many of us are not aware of how the direct election of Senators has harmed us; resulting in the introduction of Medicaid, a national drinking age of 21, the national speed limit and Obamacare. In this episode, Bob is joined by George Mason University School of Law Professor Todd Zywicki, to discuss the case for repealing the 17th Amendment and the Constitution as the Founders envisioned it. Is there too much democracy in America? Perhaps. To understand the hard issues facing our country today, you must understand the Constitution. To understand the Constitution, you must listen to this podcast.