Sally Satel: The Case for Compensating Organ Donors

There are many reasons why patients end up needing a new kidney, but only one reason why 12 of them die every day from their treatable illness: the shortage of willing donors. Compensating organ donation remains highly taboo, and federally illegal, even as we rely on monetary incentives for everything else we need (from hamburgers to heart surgery). 10 years ago, AEI Scholar Sally Satel, M.D., nearly succumbed to the long wait for a healthy kidney. She now fights for those who are still waiting, and who will continue to suffer until an educated public demands change. Sally is author of When Altruism Isn’t Enough: The Case for Compensating Organ Donors, and has brought her case to Congress, along with the readers of the New York Times & the Washington Post. Bob and Sally explore the pitfalls of using political correctness and “gut feeling” as the compass for rational policymaking when so many lives are on the line.


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