The Best and Worst of Banking

Tom McGraw
Show Date
November 4, 2012
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Guest: Tom McGraw

“It is the best of banking, it is the worst of banking.” This is how Charles Dickens might describe America’s dual banking system in this day and age. The banks that are too big to fail have operations so closely aligned with government that they are nothing more than agencies of Washington disguised as private businesses. Conversly, the community banks run by entrepreneurs are struggling to compete with the Wells Fargos and JPMorgan Chases that have Washington in their back pocket and vice versa. So long as the behemoths toe the line of the ruling class, they’ll be rewarded with free money, CEO job security and protection against failure. Henry Wells, William Fargo, John Pierpont Morgan, and Salmon P. Chase would be ashamed. In this episode, Bob is joined by Tom McGraw, CEO of First National Bank of Northern California. Tom is a real banker, not a shill for Washington. Learn how the banking system really works from a banking insider: to the detriment of consumers, small business, and taxpayers. Crony capitalism at its worst and plenty of moral hazard to go around. Don’t miss this show.