The People Vs. Washington Insiders – The Ultimate RICO Case

Peter Schweizer
Show Date
December 22, 2013
Congress Corruption Obamacare
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Guest: Peter Schweizer

Many philosophers have opined that “taxation is theft,” and arguably it is. However, it’s far worse when government legally extorts massive sums from us through abusive statutes and no oversight. “Extortion” is the precise word to describe how the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives operative with the ruthless efficiency of organized crime without fear. “Extortion” is the title of Peter Schweizer’s best seller, subtitled (and this tells it all) “How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes and Line Their Own Pockets.” Peter has exhaustively researched this subject he shares his findings with Bob in this episode. What you hear will not make you very happy, but it will inform you, and that is the first step towards reform. If it seems that extortion is too strong a word, just listen to Peter in this non-partisan indictment of Washington and decide for yourself.

From 1:00 – 1:30, Bob spoke to John Rothmann (, a nationally known author, radio host and political analyst. Bob and John present conflicting views on Obamacare and the broader issue of healthcare in America including the difficult questions such as (i) is healthcare a right? (ii) should there be any role for the government in the payment for medical services? (iii) is Obamacare the first giant step towards socialized medicine? (iv) does Medicare and Medicaid “work?” Thirty minutes of reasoned opinions, free of talking points and political blather. Thirty minutes of thoughtful and entertaining commentary and respectful disagreement. Don’t miss it.