Why Do You Need The Government's Permission To Earn A Living?

Bob McNamara
Show Date
November 10, 2013
Economic Liberties Institute for Justice Licensing Sharing Economy Transportation
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Guest: Bob McNamara

It is perverse to think that in America, a person needs the government’s permission to sell his or her services to another American. It is especially unjust when that permission is routinely denied. If that permission is granted, and that person’s business income doesn’t generate enough tax revenue to satisfy the government’s insatiable appetite, the government can then shut that business down by denying its relicensing.

It is offensive when an industry group can successfully petition the government to keep out their competition. Isn’t lawful competition what the free market is all about? Thanks to organizations such as the Institute for Justice, barriers to honest work are coming down one at a time. In this episode, Bob McNamara, a senior attorney at the IJ who is a front line warrior defending the right to work. McNamara’s stories about the anti-competitive forces at work in transportation will enrage you and his successes will excite you. Taxis, jitney buses, inter city buses, limos, Uber and Lyft… Hear about the defense of capitalism from someone on the front lines.